3 New Cities and Our Future

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What is the city of God?  Well there will be at least 2 Major Cities of God in time according to latter day saints

Zion is more than just a city of God – it’s a quality of life.  A level of Holiness… There will be three cities of Holiness – New Jerusalem – Old Jerusalem and the City from Above – City of Enoch.. 

All three of them have a purpose, two will be capitals – one in America – a capital of Religion – one in Israel – the Old Jerusalem a capital of Politics – It’s not fully clear what the city of Enoch will do but I have feeling – it’s to help use as world to become more celestialized, and perfected in celestial living – to help us grow as much as possible before our great Judgment day… That’s my best guess – only time will tell how all of this plays out, but be assured it’s for our blessing – if we are obedient…

God in his infinite wisdom does not just half halfheartedly do things – Enoch will work with the people of this world to help them progress – to whatever level they can, remember it’s all about progression as we move along… .

The more we understand what Zion truly is – it’s a level of living close to God – and enjoying God’s company Glory and Goodness… because of who we are and what we have become…so Zion is more than just a city or place it’s a way to live that reflects the power and glory or God… Two major cities will comprise Zion – the Zion of the Americas – called New Jerusalem – some where in or around Adam Andi amen –  this city will have to be built up and created in America – it will be the religious center of the World – Christ will dwell there at times and it will be holy city – where only a high level or Righteous will come and work – a light will come out of it day and night – not unholy thing will be permitted to come into that city or area! 

The other capital will be Jerusalem – the political center of the world – here the law for the world and their governments will come out of this old city – but it will be a new law and a new city that is rebuilt!   Out or war and battle – a great and final battle!   Good against evil – where Christ will come and lead that final victory!  After the two witnesses have died and come to life – Than shall the Messiah – take control of the invading army and stop their attacks!  The Jews will recognize their Messiah at this time… ( some will )!

The wicked will attack this city several times and will finally stop doing this – they will realize – God is more powerful than they are – both cities will overcome the world, and it’s wickedness… with the help and power of Christ!  ( I’m sure angels and other beings will be there too – the wicked will not prevail! )

Who can withstand the power and glory of God?

Not the wicked – not the world – only those holy and worthy to stand will be able to go there – live there and be there! .

Many will come and build up both cities..

Different groups of people will build up both cities – the end will be same in both – to have a city where Christ can rule both politically and religiously – over all the earth!  Many great things will be happening in both countries – changes in land mass 

– continents coming together – the heavens and earth changing – but God will be directing the work in both cities!

in the end it will be Glorious – God will be victorious – the earth will rest and Jesus the Christ will finish the work of the Father – hand over the records and judge the world!.

After all this war – the Earth will be at Peace!

Again there will be much war and tribulation – but in time this earth will rest – peace will come with the power and will of God – with the righteous fighting for peace and control over the wicked – so victory – onward into a new heaven and a new earth!

Finally the earth will rest – peace will come – and we will rejoice in that day and all the holy angels will rejoice with us!

After much and many trials – Peace will come – the earth will rest.

The Saints of God will rejoice in this victory – at long last peace will come – a new heaven and earth – a new glory will come – than will we prepare the world and it’s people for their highest glory – a Godly Glory – a Glory fit for a king and his servants – let us rejoice and have hope in that day… Satan and his servants will be bound for a while than judged and finally 

be here no more – just that alone will change this world for ever and ever!!


The pure in heart (D&C 97:21). Zion also means a place where the pure in heart live. The city built by Enoch and his people that was eventually taken to heaven because of righteousness was named Zion (D&C 38:4; Moses 7:18–21, 69). In the latter days a city named Zion will be built near Jackson County, Missouri (United States of America), to which the tribes of Israel will gather (D&C 103:11–22; 133:18). The Saints are counseled to build up Zion wherever they are living in the world.

  • Seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion, D&C 6:6 (D&C 11:6).
  • Him have I inspired to move the cause of Zion in mighty power for good, D&C 21:7.
  • The New Jerusalem shall be called Zion, D&C 45:66–67.
  • Independence, Missouri, is the place for the city of Zion, D&C 57:1–3.
  • A scourge remaineth upon the children of Zion until they repent, D&C 84:58.
  • The Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, Moses 7:18–19.
  • Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent, A of F 1:10.

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