Loneliness and Longing for Love

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Loneliness and Longing for Love with a group of friends working together on something worthwhile! That’s deeper need that just friendship or love – it community with a much deeper purpose – this for many of us is Zion!!

Zion is a community of like minded people who not only love one another but do things to build a community of selflessness that the world is hungry for – that the world is missing… It’s like coming home to a special place of love and acceptance without any judgment… with a friendship and love you have always wanted and wished for…. where you are totally welcomed and loved… where you are free to be your best – with out any envy, hatred, judgement or demands put on you…. where you are free to fully create and be your loving best.. in what ever area you want to be…

I know you may think I’m just dreaming but I’m not, the world will be changed by Christ’s coming and so will it’s people – Every person will know Jesus Christ from the youngest to the oldest and all will be for a better live and time – working with one another and working with Christ…

The future simple truths will change our future and change all of us for the better – we will desire and be noticeably – better – in ways we are not fully aware of but will be…

The work of the Father will be completed in several ways, not only for ordinances and temple work, but for

“perfecting of individuals to a celestial Glory if they desire to have and obtain this power and Glory… In short this will be Glorious”!! This will have to be revealed to us or we will have to live it before we can appreciate this Miraculous – growth and power – in our divine natures…

The spirit – the Lord’s Prayer – gives us a little glimpse! .

With so many in this world looking for love and belonging – it’s a shame so many are stuck online in their own homes with out real human interaction and connections – now that’s Isolation – that’s loneliness – and that’s a shame!!

People are all around us and we are not reaching out in person@!@

Reach out – live – love and try to make a new friend..first..

Than when they are ready come with them to church!

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