Roger L Martin – Working on Confidence as a Leader

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Confidence comes with success over time, but Mentors can make all of the difference for speed and success with money!


Confidence and Leadership are strongly connected – even if you don’t see yourself as a leader… all great leaders have had great confidences –

It’s in the confidence that leaders influence people with such great power – learn to grow you confidence and you will learn to grow your leadership.


The more I learn about Confidence with God and People, the better I can help people grow in confidence…

Few things affect people more than a lack of confidence -With
great confidence we can do great things – without it we do few things –

Nothing will increase your faith in yourself more than confidence – in what you do and who you work with – more confidence in Lord comes with learning to Obey him and follow him – over time you grow in that confidence – you share that with others…

Helping people grow in love and in confidence will help them in so many other areas of life – as you love and work with others – their confidence in you and your faith in God will grow… a true win win situation!.


Learn to Love and bless others by helping them grow in confidence!!


Roger L Martin


PS – We all can grow in our faith in Jesus Christ with his help towards moving to Zion!

Learning who we are and what battles we need to win is so important – with war began a long time before we can me and it continues today…  Learn more about this on going story!


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